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Inspired by quilted puffer jackets, the sporty ECCO MX is designed for wonderful warmth and comfort, as well as grip and stability. Set on a rugged, motocross-inspired outsole that can handle the outdoors, the camp shoe has a premium synthetic upper with state-of-the-art PrimaLoft® fleece that will insulate your feet from the cold. The ECCO MX is easy to slip on and take off, and you have the option of pushing the heel flat and transforming the shoe into a slipper.

  • Upper inspired by quilted puffer jackets and fashioned from premium synthetics
  • PrimaLoft® fleece insulates your feet from the cold
  • Easy on and off - and you have the option of pushing the heel down to turn it into a slipper
  • Filler and elastic lace ensure a universal fit and you can easily adjust for optimal comfort
  • Engineered with ECCO FLUIDFORM™ Direct Comfort Technology for a modern balance of cushioning and rebound
  • Rugged, motocross-inspired outsole - with deep, multi-directional grooves - delivers grip, stability and support
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